Myst | The Exceptional Revealed

Ultra premium Extra Virgin Olive oil with infused 24k Gold flakes

Officina Poligonale was approached by Myst Ultra Premium Food to create the CGI product illustrations & promotional animation film for the new Myst 24k Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil campaign.

Client: Myst Ultra Premium Food

Product: Myst Extra Virgin & 24k Gold flakes infused 

Brand Agency: Myst Ultra Premium Food/Octopus Greece

CGI Production Studio: Officina Poligonale

Design Creative Direction: John Tsapanidis

CGI Creative Direction: Marco Serena

Soundtrack: Kai Engel – Daylight

MYST® is designed and established on the basis of selectiveness, quality and design, all at excellent value.Products unite outstanding natural quality and extraordinary sculptural design.The vision is to continuously seek for such products and deliver extra special qualities with regard to their taste, aromas and unique nutritional ingredients.Myst strive for creating one of the finest premium food brands in the world.
“The bottle is a visual answer to the intricacy and delicate taste of a high quality olive oil. The contrasting sharp and round shapes that pierce forward are an analogy to the product itself”, says Ivan Venkov – sculptural designer.
Additional infos and full video on: Myst  | Myst.gr
Myst won the Gold A’Design Award 2017 international competition.