Hennessy XO

End of Year Edition 2015 | Released in the global international market.

Officina Poligonale was approached to create the new CGI Hennessy XO Limited Edition product adverstising imagery released on global market.

Client: Lancôme ,Paris

Product: Institutional gifting accessories

Brand Agency: Appartement 1o3

CGI Production Studio: Officina Poligonale

“Hennessy XO is unique and represents on its own the history of the emblematic and charismatic Hennessy House. The abbreviation ‘XO’, in which stands for eXtra Old, has been converted into a festive pattern, as an ambassador of the historic and pioneer know-how. It’s a tribute to its visionary founder, Maurice Hennessy, who is behind the origin of the ‘XO’ term in 1870, now used by all Cognac’s brands” says Julien Zylbermann, Appartement 103’s Creative Director.
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