Today’s visual communication agencies commit
too many services, claiming to be proficient in almost
every field and skill, too different from each other.
Master one field, means deliver and achieve the best piece
of art possible, with ad-hoc solution and specific know-how.
Officina Poligonale specialise and concentrate only on 3D, CGI
and Prototyping for products & packaging Brands.
And only this. That’s how we like to play !
Learn more below.

Promote & visualise before it even exists.

CGI can add benefit to traditional photography methods, sometimes replacing it altogether.
Photography has long been the most commonly way to capture a product image, but nowadays CGI has changed the shape of the product advertising landscape forever, saving brands money and time. Whether needed for concepts, design review, pitch presentation, promotional material or advertising.
Like creating visuals which could previously only exist in the mind’s eye, to test the consumer market before the product is manufactured or even physically prototyped.

Inspirational images, beyond the perfection.

Photography has always been the traditional, if not the only method to promote and advertise a product.
However, CGI now allows perfect creation or replication, free from smudges, fingerprints, dust and hair.
No samples have to be made up and sent out. Simple, hassle free production.
Images of intricate details and angles of product can be captured without the needs of physical mockup, or the expensive hiring of photoshoot session/crews for film and photography.
Authentic, created to exact specifications and with the state-of-the-art lighting, CGI often exceed and sharpen the reality. Making brands and their products to achieve the perfection.

Logistics, Travel, Location: All gone.

Using CGI you are not restricted by location, weather, and other conditions. Breathtaking content can be created from the comfort of a studio.
Also saving you the material costs associated with a traditional photo shoot, including product manufacturing, logistics, travel, and relative organisation that often can be prohibitive in certain situations.

Multiple variations, Brand consistency.

The CGI advantage is the ability to reuse, rework and refine assets an infinite number of times.
Brand assets are never taken down or disposed of, even months or years later. They can be always repurposed and rearranged to show products with different designs and options.
This allows to promote brand new product variants, as well as target different markets with other options that may be more appealing to that segment. Without rebuilding a new set from scratch, or re-schedule a new photoshoot session.
Efficient CGI production pipelines can bring brand consistency across print, animation, and different platforms. This give the consumers the experience you intended with product uniformity across the board.

Creativity run free, no limits.

Cinematic illustrations can be created in CGI to reflect the product’s features and design, ensuring it draws the attention of the consumer.
CGI could give you licence to let your imagination run free, with effects which in reality could be tough, if not impossible, to achieve with traditional methods, but completely affordable and feasible with the use of 3D.
This can bring to life a product’s personality and allow the content to be integrated with others, to create memorable moments and get brand messages fixed in the consumer’s mind, achieving a ”wow” effect.