Officina noun [from latin officīna. Etymology of opĭfex – «worker, artisan»].


Officina is the italian word for shop/studio, where fine arts & goods are made and crafted. The French’s “Atelier”, or English’s “Workshop”.
Supporting Leading Brands at 360°

Digital Craftsmanship.

Officina Poligonale is an independent design studio specialising in CGI, animation and prototypes for Brands.
The name’s idea comes from the italian “officina” (workshop) and “poligonale” (polygonal), a workshop that works with polygons, since every cgi image or prototype comes from polygons, used by 3d softwares.
Born and founded by industrial designer Marco Serena, the studio collaborates alongside top clients and leading agencies all over the world, contributing to their brand’s success with elegant, clean, premium imagery and prototypes.
With luxury and premium packaging as favourite playground, the studio loves the bespoke and tailored approach, having the advantage to be small enough for a direct, dedicated and flexible approach, but also heavily skilled, experienced and organised to handle large commissions and Ad campaigns.

We are Global.

Over the years we’ve worked on projects all over the globe, understanding how design
varies across cultures, beyond 30 Cities, 15 Countries and 4 Continents.

Some Brands & Agencies

Award & Recognition

A’ Design Award – Gold 2017
The Dieline Award 2017: Second Place


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